“Snow. Sun. Sandstone. Sky. He was doing what he liked and knew. It was now. And this now had no pressure, just permission.” -James Galvin

This weekend called for some wandering with Nick Clark and Joe Grant, high inComanche Peak Wilderness and Rocky Mountain National Park. Nick gave us an off-trail tour of his turf with a hearty promise to bag a bunch of peaks in the Mummy Range. He definitely followed through, providing a 30 mile journey (over 1/3 off-trail) with over 8,000 feet of gain.

It was a spectacular day to explore the high country. While temperatures loomed in the upper nineties in Fort Collins and Boulder, we enjoyed pleasant 80 degree temps with hardly a cloud in the sky. The daily monsoons decided not pay a visit in the afternoon, and we were thankful as we made a few navigational errors along the way.

My knee cap decided to do battle with a rocky meadow, and the rock decisively won. Sometimes we don’t get to choose the landing of our falls. Need to get my severely bruised patella healed so I can keep up my UTMB training and continue to enjoy the short high mountain wandering season.

Map of the route

Joe making his way to top of Signal Mtn with Mummy Range looming

Atop Signal Mtn with South Signal Mtn and “the Mummies” on the far horizon

Nick wielding the summit log pen on Signal Mtn

Frogger loving the morning light on Signal Mtn

Another view of South Signal and Mummy Range, mtn running at it’s finest!

Enjoying the sunrise on Signal Mtn

Descending an old unmaintained trail to the Stormy Peaks

Nick getting a lay of the land on the Stormy Pks Trail

Consulting the map on Stormy Pks Trail in Rocky Mtn National Park

Stormy Pks on the way to Stormy Pass, a wildflower run.

Nick getting a foot on the summit rock

Tagging a rocky summit in the Stormy Mtns. Photo: J. Grant

High on the ridge line of the Stormy Peaks

Rowe Mtn watches as we follow the spine of Sugarloaf Mtn to Icefield Pass

Off trail lunch of homemade ume musubi and sporting some good blood from earlier rock encounter

Leaving Stormy Peaks Pass for a long off trail journey

An icy Rowe Glacier fills the lake. Frogger watches icebergs while Nick navigates.

Rock bounding up towards Rowe Pk with Hagues Pk in background

Rock pile descent off Rowe Mtn in RMNP

Rocks & more rocks, Nick and Joe embracing the descent of Sugarloaf Mtn

Looking for the Mummy Pass Trail in RMNP. Photo: J. Grant

Trail at last! Mummy Pass Trail in RMNP on W. side of Mummy Pass

The road home and where we once were, Mummy Range

B & W photos courtesy of Joe “Frogger” Grant

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